Hi there!

I am Yan Xia, a doctoral student at Aalto University, Finland, majoring in computer science. I am supervised by Prof. Mikko Kivelä and advised by Dr. Barbara Keller.

My research interest lies in developing and deploying computational methods for analyzing user dynamics in online systems, with a current focus on information spreading and opinion dynamics in online social media. In general, I like working on network-related problems whose solutions can help us understand the nuances of how people think, feel, and interact on the internet, especially in the presence of certain undesired phenomena (e.g., opinion polarization, toxic or sarcastic language).

Please see Resume for a more complete list of my experience, and Projects for an introduction of my major research projects. If you are interested, some of my photography, design, and calligraphy works are presented in Gallery.

Find me by email:yan.xia@aalto.fi or Twitter:yanxxia if you want to talk! :D